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In our Twitch episode 2, we mentioned several items of interest. Some of the mentions went by quickly so here’s a transcript with links.


Hello everybody, and welcome to our Winnipeg Worldcon Bid in 2023 Twitch TV channel! This June 13th 2021 broadcast will also be propagated to YouTube in the coming days, so please feel free to ask questions there as well as here in the chat. 

I’m Laurie E. Smith, the Primary Host for this Twitch channel as well as the Zoom and Discord socials we have planned in the weeks to come — the second of which is coming up in only 15 minutes, over on our Zoom channel! 

If you haven’t signed up for the “subscribe socials” email list yet, you can go register on our main website here . To prevent Zoom bombing, we’re sending the registration Zoom link only to mailing list members, so go go go and sign up!

Today will be a short Twitch broadcast, to give folks time to switch from here to the Zoom meeting — so as the famous Winnipeg radio talk show host Peter Warren always said, “Let’s get right down to business!”

First, some important fandom news. Our sincerest condolences to fandom in the Pacific Northwest on the loss of Bob Brown, of B.Brown and Associates. Bob was a local bookseller well known for his expertise in used and rare science fiction and fantasy. He is greatly missed, and may his memory be a blessing. 

(Here’s a link to a short remembrance by Tom Whitmore in File 770, it’s item #7 in the list.) 31-of-all-the-pixels-in-all-the-scrolls-in-all-the-world-she-files-into-mine/

The British Columbia Science Fiction Association reminds everyone that their monthly Zoom meeting is open to fans globally. See their Facebook for details.


Switching to astronomy, on Thursday, June 10th, an annular solar eclipse, nicknamed “the ring of fire”, tracked across large areas of Canada in the extremely early hours of the morning. Manitoba did not experience the full effect, but a Google search for “Canada news June 10 solar eclipse” will turn up many articles and some truly stunning photos and videos.

NPR also has a piece about the Vatican Observatory, with a discussion featuring Brother Guy Consolmagno. You can find this article on the website, titled “The Vatican’s Space Observatory wants to see Faith and Stars Align”.


Turning to the state of Winnipeg and Manitoba fandom, Keycon 38, held virtually on the Victoria Day long weekend in May, registered over 200 members and featured panel action on Discord, Zoom, and Facebook live, including a special disco event livestreamed all the way from Great Britain. It is gearing up for an in-person convention in May of 2022. 

Ai-kon, Winnipeg’s Japanese pop culture and entertainment expo, has announced the cancellation of its 20th anniversary convention in July of 2021, in hopes of holding an in-person celebration in the summer of 2022.

Prairiecon is likewise cancelled for 2021. 

Wild Prairie Fur Con, Winnipeg’s furry convention which takes place in early August, is shifting to a virtual format for 2021, and all monies from ads placed in their virtual con book will be donated to the fur con’s official charity, Craig Street Cats. 

Game-itoba, Winnipeg’s new tabletop gaming convention, is planning an in-person event on November 5th-7th, 2021. 

The Winnipeg Comiccon at the end of October, is scheduled to go ahead as planned with an in-person event.

So far there is no definite word about Keycon Lite, which is traditionally held in late January or early February.


In the Worldcon sphere, DisCon III, the Worldcon for 2021, has not yet announced when they plan to open voting for 2023 site selection. However, the first part of being eligible to vote in site selection is having a Discon III supporting membership, which is $50 USD. You can buy your memberships at

Buying your DisCon supporting membership now is a good idea for two reasons. In the first place, It allows you to plan and spread your cost for site selection voting over a period of time, since the voting fee is another $50 USD. And in the second place, one of the benefits of having a DisCon III supporting membership right now is that it entitles you to vote for this year’s Hugo Awards.

The Hugo Awards, like Worldcon site selection, uses a preferential ballot, where the voters are asked to rank the choices they are given. That way, there’s an instant run-off if none of the nominees have a 51% majority in the first count. In that sense, voting for the Hugos is a way to practice voting for Worldcon 2023 site selection. 

The $50 USD Supporting Membership PLUS $50 site selection fee automatically converts into a Supporting Membership for the 2023 Worldcon, regardless of which bid wins. So your $100 USD investment gives you the right to vote for the Hugo Awards in 2021, the right to vote for the Worldcon site in 2023, PLUS an automatic supporting membership at whichever convention wins the 2023 Worldcon site selection vote. 

Every vote is crucial for Winnipeg to win, so we strongly encourage fans in Winnipeg, in Manitoba, all over Canada and around the world to bring the 81st World Science Fiction Convention back to a strong Canadian city!

And that’s the business portion. 🙂 


Now, we’re going to wrap things up with a bit of fun. [Hold up ARCONIC JETSONS sign] Search for this video title on YouTube — you want the main video, NOT the “making of” vid, although that’s fun too. This is THE BEST COMMERCIAL I’ve seen since the EDS Cat Herders commercial came out in the year 2000. [PUT DOWN SIGN] As you can probably tell I have very high standards for commercials, and the Arconic Jetsons commercial blows them out of the water. This is an older ad, but I completely missed it when it came out in 2016 — and age has NOT diminished the sheer awesome of this spot. So after you’ve joined us for the fun of the Zoom social, look up “Arconic Jetsons” — you will not be disappointed! 


I’m going to grab a fresh cup of coffee and hop over to Zoom. I hope to see you there in a few minutes! And if you’re not able to join us for the live Zoom social today, be sure to catch the repost on the “Winnipeg in 23 Bid” YouTube channel in the next few days! Take care, everyone, stay safe, and I’ll see you all again soon!

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