Wild Prairie Fur Con

Our friends at Wild Prairie Fur Con, Manitoba’s own furry convention, will be holding its second virtual event August 13-15, 2021! 

The theme this year, is “Pillow Fort Fun”. Laurie Smith, our Social Media Host,  will run several panels over the Wild Prairie Fur Con weekend, including a “greatest hits” video party, the highlights reel from last year’s furry-themed disco which was streamed live from the UK, a discussion of the development of their “Ebonwing Furry Oracle Deck”, and a couple of charity tarot reading sessions with all proceeds going to Craig Street Cats. Cruise on over to https://www.wpfcon.ca to join us for a weekend of great furry fun! 

Image credit: Laurie E. Smith

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One thought on “Wild Prairie Fur Con

  1. We’re eagerly awaiting the publication of the final schedule to their website, but here are the panels I will be running:

    Sat 10-11:30 AM: Fundraising tarot readings for the convention’s charity, Craig Street Cats. Will be run over FB, check the coming schedule update for details.

    Sat noon-1:20 PM: Disco highlights from last year’s get-up-and-dance furry-themed event, which was livestreamed all the way from the UK! On Zoom.

    Sat 6:30-9:50 PM: Aria Crow’s Greatest Video Hits! A curated selection of fannish, furry, and music videos, including some classic Randy Rainbow! On Zoom.

    Sun 9:30-11 AM: The second tarot charity reading event! On Facebook.

    Sun 11 AM-12:20 PM: Ebonwing’s Furry Oracle Deck Developmental Process. Join Ebonwing to get a behind-the-scenes look at the development of their furry oracle deck, based on Winnipeg furry fandom. On Zoom.

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