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We’re bringing Worldcon back to Winnipeg! Our facilities are great, the people working on this are awesome, and this is the time to do it. As bid Chair I have proven that I can lead diverse teams. We believe diversity and inclusion enrich everyone’s experience. We’ve pulled together an outstanding mix of people with both Worldcon and regional conrunning expertise. You’ll have a fantastic time in Winnipeg. Please support us so we can throw the best Worldcon anyone has ever seen. Vote and volunteer!

Terry Fong, chair for Winnipeg in 2023 Worldcon bid.

As of September 2021, I’ve attended over 400 conventions in my 44 years in fandom. Here are what I consider the highlights.
  • 1977-82  Cangames Ottawa ON. First convention.Gaming convention, attendee 1st year, GM the next 5 years. 
  • 1981-7 Pandemonium, Toronto ON.  First non-local convention as conrunner. Gaming convention. Auction coordinator (everything but auctioneer).
  • 1982 LASTCon, Albany, NY. First SF convention. Attendee for about 2 minutes before I ended up behind the registration desk.
  • 1982 Chicon IV, Chicago IL. First Worldcon, second SF Convention attended.
  • 1984 Norcon, Montreal QC.  First local convention as conrunner. It was a new gaming convention, I ran it for 2 years. I did everything but security.
  • 1983 Constellation, Baltimore, MD. First Worldcon I volunteered at. Showed up one day early, as a gofer. This is where I got to meet and be bossed around by Peggy Rae Pavlat. 
  • 1989 Noreascon 3, Boston, MA. First Mention on Worldcon organisation chart (Memory book only). After serving as one of the ushers for the Masquerade, I guarded the masquerade judging room as they debated for four hours.
  • 1990-1996 Con*Cept, Montreal QC. Local general convention. I was Programme head (3 times), Treasury (2 times), Vice-Chair (once) in 6 years. 1990 was a 2-day event and it went to 3-day thereafter.
  • 1994 ConAdian, Winnipeg MB. First Worldcon as staff:  Treasury (table counter; one shift as shift supervisor.) Also my first time running a party at a Worldcon. We held the first two Montreal smoked meat parties at a Worldcon here.
  • 1995 Intersection, Glasgow Scotland. I showed up and was given a button that gave me access to Treasury (I didn’t know I was going to be in Treasury until I showed up. I just signed up to be a general volunteer.)
  • 1997 First time I ever paid Worldcon bid dues, for the Toronto 2003 bid.
  • 1997 Boston, MA. My first SMOFCon.
  • 2001 World Fantasy, Montreal QC. First World Fantasy. I was staff. It was very non-typical as it was only two months after the Twin Towers fell.
  • 2003 Torcon 3, Toronto ON. First time Worldcon Programme DH. Helped out Events DH as well.
  • 2006 First fannish corporate activities. I am one of the 3 founding members of Cansmof. Treasurer since day one.
  • 2007 Nippon, Yokohama Japan. My first Worldcon with multiple languages. I was responsible for organising the English programme. Reported to Peggy Rae Sapienza (officially, the North American Agent. Reality, English language chair).
  • 2007-15  Anime North, Toronto ON, First anime convention, A/V staff.
  • 2008 World Horror Convention, Toronto ON. First World Horror convention. I showed up and stepped into running their small art show at the last minute. 
  • 2009 Anticipation, Montreal QC, Worldcon Programme and Events DH. First bilingual programme (French).
  • 2011-13 Otakuthon, Montreal QC. Local anime convention. Treasury and de facto vice-chair. I got to count and hold 1/4 million dollars in one weekend.
  • 2011 (Renovation), 2014 (Loncon),  2016 (MidAmericon 2), Worldcon Program(me) software staff, as part of Grenadine development team.
  • 2013 LoneStarCon 3, San Antonio, TX. Programme DH. I was mandated to include Spanish-language programming.
  • 2016 MidAmericon 2, Kansas City, MO. Programme Staff. I received my First Worldcon Hero Medal.
  • 2019 Dublin 2019, Dublin Ireland. Stepped in as Programme co-DH with less than a year to go.
  • 2020 CoNZealand – First virtual Worldcon. Factotum for Programme. I administered 4 virtual events using CoNZealand’s Grenadine account.
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