Exploring a NASFiC

Given the strong show of support with the at-con vote at DisCon III, and the encouragement we have received from a plethora of fans, the WInnipeg in 2023 Worldcon Bid Committee has decided to look into bidding for the first ever Canadian NASFiC in Winnipeg, MB.

Leading this exploratory effort will be Robbie Bourget and Linda Ross-Mansfield.

We welcome all comments on this. Should anyone be so inclined, we have set up an e-mail to receive comments, nasfic@winnipegin2023.ca

Thank you

Terry Fong


Winnipeg in 2023 Worldcon bid

Here’s a link to our announcement on Twitch

Photo attribution: Science Museum Group. Gregorian reflecting telescope of 2 1/2 inch aperture. 1921-577 Pt2Science Museum Group Collection Online. Accessed January 1, 2022. https://collection.sciencemuseumgroup.org.uk/objects/co8008005/gregorian-reflecting-telescope-of-2-1-2-inch-aperture-instrument-component-telescope-gregorian-telescope-reflecting.

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