Exploring a NASFiC

Given the strong show of support with the at-con vote at DisCon III, and the encouragement we have received from a plethora of fans, the WInnipeg in 2023 Worldcon Bid Committee has decided to look into bidding for the first ever Canadian NASFiC in Winnipeg, MB. Leading this exploratory effort will be Robbie Bourget and […]

Spot the Krampus

We”re adding Second Life as an online social space during DisCon III, particularly for our Wednesday night “soft” opening at DisCon III where in person party guests have the chance to interact with those online. The party starts December 15, 2021 at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST/ 6pm PST. Say hello to our Master Archivist and […]

Second Life social space

We”re adding Second Life as a social space, particularly for our Wednesday night “soft” opening at DisCon III.For those unfamilar with Second Life, accounts are free but you need to sign in and go through short introduction ( some people it takes only 5 minutes, it depends on how much gawking you want to do […]

Site Selection Ballot now available

Help us bring Worldcon to Winnipeg! It’s time to vote! The Site Selection Ballot is now available online:https://discon3.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/81st-Worldcon-Site_Selection-Final-1.pdf Attention! There are different deadlines, depending on how you send your vote. There are translations of the instructions in French:https://discon3.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/81st-Worldcon-Site_Selection_2021_FINAL-FRCA-Instructions-Only-1.pdf Simplified Chinese:https://discon3.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/81st-Worldcon-Site_Selection_2021_FINAL-ZHCN-Instructions-Only-1.pdf Spanish:https://discon3.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/81st-Worldcon-Site_Selection_2021_FINAL-ESUS-Instructions-Only-1.pdf Forthcoming information and help sessions via Zoom and Discord will be announced on this […]

Winnipeg “Up to Speed”

Linda Ross-Manfield will be interviewed on “Up to Speed”, Winnipeg’s 3-6pm “drive home” radio show on CBC Radio One, tomorrow Thursday Oct 21 at approximately 3:37pm CDT. She’ll chat to Laurie Hookstaten about our Worldcon bid and Worldcons in general. Listen to the radio live here: https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio After the episode has aired, listen to recorded […]


Ahoy mateys! Celebrate “International Talk Like A Pirate” day with us! We’re having a Zoom social, Sept 19, at 1:15 pm CDT, which we’ll stream to our YouTube channel as well. Practice your pirate speak in different languages, discuss the Golden Age of Piracy and what a future age might look like. As always, Zoom […]

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