Worldcon bids like ours are 100% volunteer-run and volunteer-staffed. Because each Worldcon is a “one and done” effort, bids don’t start out with any money. All of our activities leading up the Site Selection voting are funded by donations. Another word for this is “presupporting” the bid.

The bid committee would like to thank everyone who has contributed.

Active Donors

NameSupport Level
Marilyn MixBeaver
AnonymousSnowy Owl
AnonymousSnowy Owl
Betsy MarksSnowy Owl
Carolina Gomez LagerlöfSnowy Owl
Danny SichelSnowy Owl
David KushnerSnowy Owl
David PatersonSnowy Owl
Ian StockdaleSnowy Owl
James NicollSnowy Owl
Lyn MorganSnowy Owl
Mary Ellen MooreSnowy Owl
Mary MormanSnowy Owl
Murray MooreSnowy Owl
Petrea MitchellSnowy Owl
Robert L. SlaterSnowy Owl
Robert LangtonSnowy Owl
Steve ColtrinSnowy Owl
Teri SearsSnowy Owl
Tero YkspetäjäSnowy Owl
Vincent DochertySnowy Owl
Gene OlmstedSnowy Owl
Sara PaulSnowy Owl
Marcia LittSnowy Owl
Steve Joel ZeveSnowy Owl
France Andrew ZeveSnowy Owl
Joyce ZimmermanSnowy Owl
Apura DesaiSnowy Owl
Anne Marie RudolphSnow Owl
Blind Lemming ChiffonSnowy Owl
Regina FranchiSnowy Owl
Deirdre Saoirse-MoenSnowy Owl
Rick MoenSnowy Owl
Sally WoehrleSnowy Owl
Sam LubellSnowy Owl
James S. Reichert (Stratton)Snowy Owl
Henry Allan SmithSnowy Owl
Warren BuffSnowy Owl
Ariel ShattanMoose
Brian NisbetMoose
Carl FinkMoose
Elizabeth Buchan-KimmerlyMoose
James BowMoose
Kathleen KempMoose
Kenneth MannMoose
Michael LowreyMoose
Phil JansenMoose
Ruth SachterMoose
Spike .Moose
Steve DavidsonMoose
Valoise ArmstrongMoose
Sherri BenounMoose
Lina DeneroffMoose
Taras WolanskyMoose
Gary Kelly FeldbaumMoose
Samuel ScheinerMoose
AnonymousPolar Bear
Debi ChowdhuryPolar Bear
Derwin MakPolar Bear
Diane LaceyPolar Bear
Jesper StagePolar Bear
Karen SchafferPolar Bear
Kent BloomPolar Bear
Laurie MairPolar Bear
Linda RobinettPolar Bear
Martin DemersPolar Bear
Michael WardPolar Bear
Nigel ParsonsPolar Bear
Carol “Darklighter” AlvesPolar Bear
James W. AlvesPolar Bear
Jim ManningPolar Bear
Sandy ManningPolar Bear
Ruth LichtwardtNorthern Dragon
John “Bob” ThornNorthern Dragon
Bridget Duffy-ThornNorthern Dragon
Erwin S. StraussNorthern Dragon
Clayton H. HarrisNorthern Dragon
Hershey A. HarrisNorthern Dragon
Becky VealNorthern Dragon
Tom VealNorthern Dragon
Gary S. BlogNorthern Dragon
Mary CatelynnNorthern Dragon
Mark W. RichardsNorthern Dragon
AnonymousBruce the Mosasaur
Covert BeachBruce the Mosasaur
Heather JonesBruce the Mosasaur
John DeVoyBruce the Mosasaur
Kevin StandleeBruce the Mosasaur
Pamela BurrBruce the Mosasaur
Robbie BourgetBruce the Mosasaur
Thomas KuceraBruce the Mosasaur

For an explanation of support levels, see the Support Us page.

Pending Donors

Richard Brignall
Justin E A Busch
Clark Denning
Robert Domitz
Emily Domitz
Wililam Domitz
Anonymous Supporter
David Kushner
Dorothy Sklarsky
Jim Young

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