We will be working on creating a diverse and inclusive convention. To that end, we are happy to announce that Christine Taylor-Butler will be aiding us in both overseeing our efforts in this regard, and to help us craft a statement worthy of the multicultural milieu that is Canadian culture.

Code of Conduct

It is tremendously important to create a safe space for our community.

We are working towards a robust and simple to understand Code of Conduct, all within the traditions and boundaries of local, provincial and Canadian laws and strictures. What follows below is a placeholder policy until our full Code of Conduct is finalised.

What is Harassment?

n general, we ask that people behave respectfully towards each other. We take allegations of harassment very seriously. We define harassment as any behaviour that intentionally annoys, threatens, or alarms another person. This includes any unwanted physical contact, verbal sexual comments toward a non-consenting adult or toward any minor, following someone without a legitimate reason, or threatening to physically harm someone. Remember, if someone approaches you and you tell them to leave you alone, their business with you is done. If they do not leave you alone as you have requested, their actions may be grounds for a complaint of harassment. All complaints will be taken seriously and investigated.

What Winnipeg in 2023 promises to do.

The Winnipeg in 2023 bid will investigate all harassment claims to the best of our ability. We are committed to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, neurodivergence, physical appearance, body size, race, linguistic preferences or religion. Being dismissive or putting down anyone for their particular fandom is also harassment.

Harassment complaints should be directed to : CoC@winnipegin2023.ca

By interacting with us via the online platforms we use (website, Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Zoom, etc. . .) or in person, you are indicating your agreement to this policy and acknowledging your understanding that violation of this policy could lead to being banned from our social spaces within those platforms or in person spaces.

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