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Show Your Support for Winnipeg in 2023

We have decided to use a modified version of the traditional presupport system.

For those who are unfamiliar with the system, presupport is used to help a bid committee with its activities.

Any monies over 20 Canadian dollars (CAD20) donated to the bid will be sequestered and applied as a credit towards a membership in Winnipeg 2023 NASFiC (should we win) or treated as a donation to CANSmof.

Please select your level of choice for supporting our efforts (in the link below).

Our contribution page (in CAD).

Our contribution page (in USD).**

Our contribution page (in Euro).**

We are also accepting monies directly via Paypal. You can simply transfer funds to our PayPal account If you would like your donation credited toward a future convention membership, be sure to include your legal name along with the donation!

Like a Worldcon, bidding for a NASFiC requires a global effort; we plan to accept multiple currencies in order to avoid foreign exchange fees in countries where we foresee undertaking activities. Write to us at if you wish to send us monies using a different process.

We thank you for your enthusiastic support. Please remember to vote in Site Selection at Chicon 8..

** The amounts in non-Canadian currencies are not an exact match due to fluctuating exchange rates.

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